Snorkeling Fun Under the Sun for People with Breathing Stomas


About us

The Lary Snorkel Store in Hayward, California, is home to a specially designed snorkel for laryngectomy and tracheostomy patients. Our one-size-fits-all snorkel has a universal design, making it easy to use.

Generally, swimming is not advisable for anyone who has had a laryngectomy or tracheotomy. Without the use of an external device, water can seep through to the lungs and can cause infections and serious damage. With our revolutionary product, people who breathe through their neck can now participate in water activities whenever they want.

Available in a single color, the Lary Freedom Snorkels® come at an affordable price of $129.95. A package of spare O-Rings, and optional heat and moisture exchanger (HME) attachment, are included in your purchase. The HME filter is not included. Get in touch with us today!


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