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Making Swimming Fun through Specialized Snorkeling Equipment

Based in Hayward, California, The Lary Snorkel Store offers practical snorkeling equipment for laryngectomy or tracheostomy patients. One of the most useful swimming aids for neck breathers, the Lary Freedom Snorkel® prevents water from going inside the stoma or trachea..

Requirements and Recommendations

To use the Lary Freedom Snorkel®, you must be able to wear a base plate used with HME cassettes. The oval-shaped base plate is recommended because it gives a larger area of attachment, which makes for better watertight integrity. For additional filtration, you may insert an HME filter in the HME adaptor. ( HME filter not included)


The Lary Freedom Snorkel II

The Lary Freedom Snorkel II was designed for laryngectomee and tracheotomies that still have an air passage way between their nose and mouth. By placing the mouth piece in the mouth and snapping the connector to the base plate or Trach adapter, the person can swim normally by breathing through their nose.

The Lary Freedom Snorkel II can be used under water.

NOTE: For trach tube users, a special adapter will be required at additional cost.

Step by step guide

1. Replace base plate with a new one.

2. Check "O" ring on connector for worn or flat spots and replace if needed.

3. Place goggles/mask over head to hold snorkel in place while attaching to the base plate.

4. Attach The Lary Freedom Snorkel® to base plate and be sure the connector snaps completely into base plate.

5. Wrap safety strap around neck and pull tight as possible then attach the Velcro™ fastener.

6. Be sure to position The Lary Freedom Snorkel® over or behind your right ear so snorkel is vertical.

7. Enter the water via steps/beach until stoma is completely covered. Do not jump into the water.

8. Breathe normally to check for leakage. If there is leakage, stand up and re-do all attachments.


1. Always see to it that the connector snaps completely into the base plate.

2. The The Lary Freedom Snorkel® is NOT for underwater use.

3. Take extra care in preventing the snorkel tube from being immersed in water.

4. It is not recommended for use in high or rough surf, as well as depths where the stoma is not above water when standing.

5. If you cough up mucus while using the snorkel, use a cleaning brush to wipe it out and then flush it with fresh water.

How to Order

Request an Order Packet by completing and submitting the form on the Contact page. We will then email you an Order Form and Waiver which you must sign to be able to place an order. Be sure to enter your neck size on the order form. This gives us a good estimate on your correct safety strap size.

Send completed Order Form and signed Waiver along with a check or money order for $129.95 USD payable to The Lary Snorkel Store, LLC or complete the credit card section on the order form for payment. If paying by Credit Card documents may also be returned as an email attachment.

c/o Robert Bauer

1154 Merritt Lane

Hayward, CA 94545

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Watch a little demonstration on how it works